The Company

Suregro Investments Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a South African 100% black owned innovation systems development, consulting, advisory, project management, development and fund sourcing company. We provide for demanding innovation systems and economic development projects. The company is fully BBBEE compliant.
We play a leading role of maximising value for Suregro partner companies by establishing ourselves as the dominant player. We focus on value accretive growth and developing a pipeline of projects that support our business model.
We are structured as an economic development company with partnerships between the Universities, Research Institutes, Private Enterprises, Local Governments and Local & International Funders. Suregro Business Incubation Programme provides emerging companies with a wide variety of support and guidance to help facilitate their growth and success. Incubation team members and partners from the professional community provide expert help and insight in a variety of areas, including leadership training, market research, business plan development, and funding strategies.
Our strategy is based on commercializing Intellectual Property and Innovations, our ability to develop businesses quickly, together with the recognition and capitalisation of Local Enterprises.
We engage investors, employees and other stake holders to ensure the sustainable development of our business. Operating to international best practice and standards, we aim to become a respected corporate citizen. Suregro creates a robust pipeline of promising ideas, technologies and provides end-to-end support that increases the chances of commercial success.

Our Vision

To be a globally, competitive, outcomes based technology incubator.
We envision a world where all individuals discover their power to make a difference and are equipped as active, engaged citizens. We are driven by superior technological business support services and accelerated development of globally competitive enterprises’ and partnerships.

“We want to share the passion we have for economic development, innovation and competitiveness. We want to see the change that results from assisting our clients in their challenging projects. We want to be rewarded by seeing that we have helped transform local, regional and national economic systems. We want to spread a positive atmosphere and energy that empowers people and makes them believe that things can be done and should be done. We want to position ourselves as the number one South African innovation systems and economic development consultancy”
– Seelan Govender, Managing Director.

Our Service Range

Our services include the following but not limited to;

  • Feasibility Studies & Analysis
    To help clients with planning for development of innovation system programmes. Suregro conducts and manages studies and analysis related to innovation policy, national and regional innovation systems, innovation management processes and outcomes as well as feasibility of economic development projects.
    Strategy Development
    We provide strategic advice that enhances the long-term effectiveness of Innovation Programmes as well as Provincial and Local Economic Development strategies. Our Strategic expertise covers a broad range of actions in strategic analyses, strategic planning (national programmes for science and technology policy, regional and local development plans, industry and cluster specific plans, strategic planning for innovation support organisations) and in structural development of innovation systems (development of innovation environments, advancement of networks, horizontal development of science and technology policies).
    Technology Brokering
    Suregro has experience in development, commercialization and licensing of technologies locally and internationally. We offer technology brokering services to research institutions, universities, companies and start-up companies.
    Sourcing Project Funding
    It is always difficult to source funding for projects. Economic Development Projects require funding and with Suregro’s understanding of the concepts and diverse network of contacts in Local and International Funding, Suregro works with clients in sourcing funding for their projects.
    Communications and Stakeholder Management
    As Science & Technology Parks and Business Incubators are fairly new initiatives in South Africa, it is always difficult to gain buy-in of the projects from Government and other stakeholders. Economic development investment projects also require buy-in of all spheres of Government and industry. It is therefore important to integrate a big element of marketing, communications and stakeholder facilitation in the establishment of these projects.
    Project Management and Infrastructure Development
    One of the key challenges of local economic development and Innovation programmes is management, coordination, and partly the creation of the stakeholder relationships and networks at various levels, these place special demands on the management. The creativity and innovation inherent to the process contribute to a complex whole, requiring expert guidance. Managing the planning, organizing and implementation of innovation, development and programmes, we provide the support necessary to the client for successful knowledge creation. Our extensive networks in South Africa, Africa and world-wide, allow us to easily find the right partners and stakeholders for each programme.


                                                                                             OUR SERVICES

    DEVELOPMENTS – We undertake to do residential, commercial and industrial developments.
    We can manage any project from start to finish.
    We undertake to source funds for any type of project from local and international funders.
    We can prepare professional fundable business plans for clients. This will include costings, financial projections, etc…
    We offer clients a pre consulting, advisory and feasibility study service regarding any project a client will want to implement.
    We offer clients training on various aspects of business and products.
    We offer clients the service to ensure quality control of services rendered to them.

Project Portfolio

Eastern Cape Provincial Innovation Strategy
The Eastern Cape Provincial Government (ECPG) through the Eastern Cape Innovation Hub (ECIH) and Department of Science and Technology (DST) carried out a process to develop the Eastern Cape’s Provincial Innovation Strategy which is aligned with the requirements of the Eastern Cape’s socio-economic needs and to create a local focus on innovation. Suregro associate was part of the team appointed for project implementation.
Tshwane Smart City Project
The City of Tshwane focusing on development of technologies to fast-track efficient service delivery and developing key economic clusters in the City. Suregro associate provided; project management support, stakeholder engagements, brand development, communications, financial management, performance management, event management, reporting, international cooperation, monitoring and evaluation, and organisational development.
Review of the Turn-Around Economic Strategy and a Green Economy Strategy for the West Rand
District Municipality in Gauteng Province
The West Rand District Municipality (WRDM) has been experiencing a down- turn from being a flourishing mining region in the country and becoming one of the poverty pockets in South Africa. WRDM embarked on a process to develop a Turn-Around Economic Strategy and Green Economy Strategy to transform the economy of the region from being resource-based to become a knowledge economy. Suregro associate was on the panel of consultants contracted for development of both strategies.
Communications and Stakeholder Management
As Science & Technology Parks and Business Incubators are fairly new initiatives in South Africa, it is always difficult to gain buy-in of the projects from Government and other stakeholders. Economic development investment projects also require buy-in of all spheres of Government and industry. It is therefore important to integrate a big element of marketing, communications and stakeholder facilitation in the establishment of these projects. Suregro associates have working relationships with IASP (International Association of Science Parks) and National Business Incubation Association (NBIA).
National Bio-Economy Strategy – Department of Science & Technology
Suregro associate profiled the international biotechnology industries in 17 countries selected by the Department of Science & Technology. The aim of this study was to produce a report on the profiling of the international biotechnology industry in USA, Canada, Brazil, China, Russia, Switzerland, India, Cuba, Australia, Finland, South Korea, Spain, Chile, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and Tunisia. The Department of Science and Technology used the report to inform the development of the new Bio-economy Strategy for South Africa.
Free State Investment Promotion Agency – Regional Innovation System Programme
Free State Province developed Innovation System Programme that facilitates activation of economic sectors (ICT, Logistics, Manufacturing and Agro-processing) for economic development. Suregro associate provided; project management support, stakeholder management, event management, strategy development, soliciting funding, building business networking platform for Free State SMMEs and facilitating access to markets for SMMEs. Suregro associate was also responsible for developing plans for establishment of Matjhabeng ICT Technology Incubator.
Development of the Transformed Minerals Sector Strategy for the Department of Minerals &
Suregro associate Developed strategy for Transformed Mineral sector, intentions being to see more HDSA participation in the mining sector as per Mining Charter.


  • V & A Waterfront Cape Town Sub-Contracted as Consultants, Quality Control.
  • Refurbishments of several Hilton Hotels worldwide. Consulting, Management of contractors and quality control.
  • Consultants for new harbour facilities at Mombasa (Kenya) – advisory and planning process.
  • Refurbishments of Sun City South Africa – Consulting and Quality Control.
  • Consultant on Infrastructure projects in Ghana – projects of Government Buildings, Housing, and Industrial Development.
  • Construction of Hotel in Muscat Omen (Private)
  • Construction and furnishings of Sheraton Hotel Gaborone – Project Management of Contractors and quality control.

DIRECTOR: Seelan Govender

Seelan Govender has been a businessman since 1984. Was director of Printal Printing Press, a company that did lithographic printing and book binding. Was a director of Arins Guns & Ammo, the company sold arms and ammunition, did applications for firearms licences and firearms competence training course. Was a director of Right Guard, the company provided security guards and bodyguards to private and business clients, residential guarding, repairs and sales of bank repossessed properties.
He currently is the director of Suregro Investments Holdings (Pty) Ltd. The company does Business Brokering, source Funding, Business Plans, Project Management, Property Development, Training, Incubator Programmes, etc…
He is also a Director of SDG Professional Services (Pty) Ltd, company that does Project Management and Developments. SDG is also a Shareholding company in a company called Future Progress Investments Holdings (Pty) Ltd (FPIH). As an associate of FPIH we are involved in the promotion of upgrading the Mafikeng International Airport and the surrounding areas to become a Metropolis City. Attached is an article published in the Mafikeng Mail on the 7th of February 2014.
Through my years of business experiences I have seen many businesses struggle with lack of knowledge, expertise and very especially finances. Being in the field I realised that many companies was declined and unable to get finances due to the fact that they had no securities, no deposit, no experience and being blacklisted or having a poor credit profile and scoring and yet they had a brilliant workable business idea. With this in mind I did some research and created the package we are now offering. I connected to some funders who saw the picture the way I did and opted to join in and fund my clients. This led to the formation of Suregro to address these needs and uplift businesses, governments and organisations that have a lack. I carefully picked out a team of experts to work with me to boost the business men and woman, government directors/employees and organisations. The demand for my services is great and growing daily.